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WATCH VIDEO: Rhythm City and Simphiwe Ngema’s tribute to Dumi Masilela.

Simphiwe Masilela sings along with her late husband and makes an eternal promise to him.
It’s been nearly 3 months since
the passing of talented actor
Dumi Masilela, Dumi died in
hospital after being shot in the
course of an attempted hijacking on the 2nd of August. Rhythm City paid tribute to Dumi Masilela’s character ‘Sfiso’ In the latest episode for the last time, Dumi’s mother and brother make an appearance to also pay tribute
to his character. Scenes from
previous episodes where Dumi
featured in were shown to celebrate his journey in Rhythm City.
With Rhythm City playing the
last episodes where Dumi was
featured in, Simz Ngema kept the tradition she shared with her late husband Dumi, by posting “sing along” videos together. Simz took to Instagram while watching the
episode where Dumi sang Ungasabi and sang along, Simz shared that she would not stop the tradition, but continue to her late husband this manner.
Here is the intagram video